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AAPT Summer 2009 - Ann Arbor

According to my wife, Kim, we had 98 participants come to our “make and take.” We also had about a dozen helpers from DMAPT and the MiAAPT that were not included in this count. We had “Advice to the New Physics Teacher” from Steve Rea and Jim Gell, “New Demos in E & M” from Steve Dickie and Mark Davids, “Discrepant Events” from Don Pata, and the “Make and Take” by a host of mentors. Our total audience for all events was 483 participants. That is pretty impressive since the total conference attendance was just over 1,000.

To add icing to the cake, Al Gibson was honored and presented with the Distinguished Service Award from the AAPT! From all accounts, we had a major, positive impact at the conference.

Thank you all,